Self control

from by Busted Out



The demon inside me wants your blood
But I know, for my own good, I can’t let him go
That backstabber ain’t worth my life in prison
I won’t kill you but stay away, don’t test my self-control

If you’re the good guy I’ll be the bad guy
But we both know that this would be a lie
The only reason you’re not already dead
It’s my discipline that holds me back
I must put out the fire in my soul
But I feel strength in my self-control

I could kill you with my bare hands, but I have my self-control
I could spend my life in a cell, but I have my self-control
You can walk among the living, just for my self-control
The only thing left to stop me, it is my self-control


from DEMO 2017, released January 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Busted Out Italy

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